Introducing The DJs: Marcus Mixx

In 1987, Farley “Jackmaster” Funk of the Hot Mix 5 played “I Wanna House!,” which was the debut single from DJ and producer Marcus “Mixx” Shannon, whose music became a favourite of dancers and DJs. By then, Marcus was dividing his time between DJ-ing, running a series of small, short-lived labels and producing a variety of releases, including a number of psychedelic-tinged house singles. This was new and innovative and Marcus Mixx seemed destined to become one of house music’s leading lights.

Unfortunately things weren’t that simple and that wasn’t the case. In 1995, Marcus  stopped DJ-ing, and by the dawn of the new millennia was living in his parent’s old house after they split-up. Marcus was isolated and no longer part of the Chicago House scene. Things got a lot worse in 2008 when a foreclosure order was served on the family home, and he had no option but to move out. He looked after his father until his father 2011, and then moved in with his brother for three years. However, in 2014 Marcus had to move out and found himself homeless.

For a man who many thought was going to be a top DJ-producer, this came as a crushing blow. However, since then, Marcus has reinvented himself as a videographer and continues to make music. Marcus has been a massive support to Wake Up! Music, singlehandedly creating the bulk of the music videos for the releases, including Wake Up! Music Remixes DJ Wall Of Sound Volume 1: Matt Warren’s Music Is My Life,  which features The Marcus Mixx Remix Of Bang The Box, and will be released on the “19th” July 2019 by Wake Up Music.

Recently,Marcus Mixx has also raised enough money via a GoFundMe to rent an apartment, and is currently looking for a new home in the Windy City, where the future looks bright for Marcus Mixx.

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