The Weekly Spoon-Wake Up! Music Remixes DJ Wall Of Sound Vol 1: Matt Warren’s Music Is My Life.

Wake Up! Music is here with a delicious mix of sound that is ready for you to jam and boogie the night away.

“Buoyed by the success of the Matt Warren’s critically acclaimed Nu-House classic, Music Is My Life, Wake Up! Music’s founder and creative director MyMy Lady G aka House vocalist Pepper Gomez, decided that the Chicago-Miami based label’s next project would be an album of remixes. This, she decided wasn’t going to be just another remix album.”

Featuring sounds from John Morale’s, DJ Spinna, Al Kent, Ralphi Rosario and more… this is a house lovers absolute dream listen. It is about to fuel parties and get dance floors bumpin’ everywhere!

Each track has been delicately mixed into an ooze of deliciousness that will melt house lovers everywhere, I know I had this pumping all day in the office and I am ready for the weekend! LET’S GO!

These artists flow together so well that you will be begging to hear more. This is definitely on repeat for Friday afternoon and beyond.

The full album can be downloaded as of July 19th, so keep those eyes peeled and those move groovin’ as this is certainly something to watch out for within the next month!

Listen via spotify and add to your playlists here

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