‘Wake Up! Music Remixes DJ Wall Of Sound Volume 1 – Matt Warren’s Music Is My Life’ will invigorate clubbers on the dance floors

Matt Warren
Propelled by the success of Matt Warren’s critically acclaimed Nu House classic, Music Is My Life, Wake Up! Music is releasing a brand new album of remixes, entitled, Wake Up! Music Remixes DJ Wall Of Sound Volume 1 – Matt Warren’s Music Is My Life. 

Calls were made to legendary John Morales, Brooklyn’s DJ Spinna, international man of mystery Al Kent, Raphi Rosario, DJ Lil Tal, and Marcus Mixx.  They were also joined by Texan DJ “That Dude Dom” Dominic Sustaita as well as up-and-coming DJs James Flowers and Micheal A. Garza.  These nine DJs play a pivotal role in Wake Up! Music Remixes DJ Wall Of Sound Volume 1 – Matt Warren’s Music Is My Life.  This exciting new release will be the first installment to come from Wake Up! Music’s Nu-House series.

The music off of Wake Up! Music Remixes DJ Wall Of Sound Volume 1 – Matt Warren’s Music Is My Life is lively and filled with passion.  It is fierce and brimming with fiery energy.  The music throbs to a pulsating backbeat.  This is evident on “How Do I Love Thee (Raphi Rosario Love Radio Remix),” which is invigorating music that really pops out with a Chicago approach and where the verses are chanted in a spoken world like feel and on “The Way To My Heart (DJ Spinna Galactic Soul Remix),” where the electronic beats come across as whimsical and playful and where the vocals are reverb-drenched and provocative, eliciting a full-blown alluring and sultry sound.

The energy on this record is sizzling.  Each track is unique in its own right.  The electronic beats harness a hypnotic appeal.  Listeners will be entranced by the pulsating rhythms.  This is especially true on “Catch Me If You Can (John Morales M+M Mix),” a song that contains a bit of Latin flavor mixed in with energetic percussions and where the horns give off a bit of a big band style and on “Get On Up (Thank God It’s Tal Remix),” where the beats are spinning, cycling in hypnotic waves that is truly mesmerizing and the entrancing flow gives off a great Nu House feel.

The production is decadent with extravagant layers of electronic beats, rich synths and a pulsating energy coming from the rhythms.  This surfaces on “Going Deeper (That Dude Com Club Mix),” where the cadence of synths oscillate in and out of this track and the vocals come across as rudimentary with catches of phrases and the sounds of scatting is evident, on “Bang The Box (Marcus Mixx Remix),” where the beats are bouncy with reverberating vocals flaring in and out of this track, and on “How Do I Love Thee (Raphi Rosaio Big Love Remix),” where the sound of lush strings jumpstart this track along with bouncy electronic beats that trace this song.

The music on this album sizzles with power and passion, melding the acoustic with the electric with live instrumentation mixed into the electronic beats. What pervades is a truly unique cadence.  On “Musica Es Mi Vida (James Flower Remix),” a fiery Latin vibe is evident as energetic percussions and bouncy electronic beats pave this track.  The vocals are sung entirely in Spanish.  With vocals and music that comes across as fast-paced, the energy is riling with provocative beats.  The piano melody is mellow, giving a laid-back air in the middle of all this sultry energy.  On “La Rose (Michael A. Garza Future Mix Extended)” warped electronic beats create a whirl of sound mixed in with the organic cadences of the acoustic guitar.  The vocals are sung in Spanish with a sultry and fiery feel.  On “Sometimes (Al Kent Mix)” the song contains a cool jazz blend.  Infused with a mellow vibe, the electronic beats are slow sauntering.  With lo-fi electronic layers, the verse, “Sometimes that’s the way I feel,” runs through the music repetitively.  The smooth music ensconces the line in its melodious vibes.

Wake Up! Music Remixes DJ Wall Of Sound Volume 1 – Matt Warren’s Music Is My Life incorporate mixes filled with electrifying beats and soaring synths.  This is an eye-opening remix record.

A true tour de force.  A rise of sound and seething with energy and potential coming from the efforts of 9 DJs, who have made a name for themselves in the Nu House and Chicago scene, Wake Up! Music Remixes DJ Wall Of Sound Volume 1 – Matt Warren’s Music Is My Life is something to look out for.

Each rendition is like a blast of chill air.  The fresh takes on Matt Warren’s record will invigorate listeners on the dance floors and on turntables in living spaces all across America!

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