Wake Up! Music and Matt Warren share electronic remixes by DJ Wall of Sound

Okay, so this isn’t your typical album, but literally a compilation of remixed tracks from indie dance label, Wake Up! Music. Not due out until July 19, the first single from the record is the opening song “How Do I Love Thee” featuring Ralphi Rosario Big Love Radio Mix).

“How Do I Love Thee” is an excellent opening track with incredible electronic beats, lyricism about love and relationships, with a stellar brass solo about 2:45 into the song.

The second track was remixed by DJ Spinna Galactic titled “The Way To My Heart” (Galactic Soul Remix) and brings out the best of house music. The intensity isn’t as dramatic as with other sub-genres of dance and electronic music but still maintains a decent beat.

The intro of “Get On Up” really wants to make the listener move. It opens will rhythmic drum beats and spoken word lyrics. “Come on the dance floor/it’s a state of mind/get on up/get on up now” The remix was produced by DJ LitTal and is the Thank God It’s Tal Mix.

Track 5 is “Going Deeper” (DJ That Dude Dom Club Mix) is definitely thus far the heaviest as far as dance music goes. It has a heavier beat that makes you want to move and dance.

House music does not seem to have any limit, as on the track “Bang The Box” (Marcus Mixx Mix) is repetitive and yet still has a heavier beat than “Going Deeper.”

The success of Matt Warren’s smash, nu house, Music Is My Life, the label’s founder and creative director, MyMy Lady G, aka house vocalist, Pepper Gomez, decided the label’s next project would be a compilation of remixes.

Some of the world’s top DJ’s were summoned for this project. They were able to invite legendary DJ John Morales, Brooklyn’s own DJ Spinna, Al Kent, Chicago-based DJ, Ralphi Rosario, DJ Lil Tal, and Marcus Mixx.

Overall, the compilation is filled with some fun, electronic dance tracks. It would be interesting to see what other music the label puts out as well.

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