Wake Up Music Remixes DJ Wall of Sound Volume 1 – Matt Warren’s Music Is My Life Like You’ve Never Heard Before!

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Wake Up Music Remixes-DJ Wall of Sound Vol 1-Music Is My LifeWake Up Music Group and Matt Warren are back with an all-star cast of DJs for their new album: DJ Wall of Sound Volume 1: Matt Warren’s Music is My Life.If you’re wondering about Matt’s Music Is My Life album, wonder no more. I’ve already written an in-depth article about that release. In that article, you can read about how awesome, infectious, danceable, adernaline pumpin’ and mood boostin’ the album happens to be.With that said, I can promise you DJ Wall of Sound Volume 1: Matt Warren’s Music is My Life delivers the same experience of trance-inducing, hypnotic, energizing music as the original album, only this time we’re dealing with an A-List of legendary and emerging DJ talent and their creative interpretations of Matt’s originals.Before I share the roster of highly talented remixers with you, it’s worth noting that listening to this album will cause uncontrollable body swaying, potential workplace disruption (cubicles beware), random outbursts of rug burning, cutting loose or simply letting go along with symptoms such as increased heart rate, overwhelming feelings of euphoria, and an elevated quality of life.

Now, what about those DJs?!?!!!

New York born John Morales (remixed Catch Me If You Can) has worked with names such as Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, Teddy Pendergrass and Barry White. Five decades into his amazing career, Morales has 650 remixes to his credit.

Brooklyn-born DJ Spinna (remixed The Way To My Heart) is another well known DJ who has been behind the Wheels of Steel since the age of 11. Having toured the world spinning everything from Hip Hop, House, Funk and Soul, Spinna was a natural fit for the DJ Wall of Sound Volume 1 album.

Chicago native Ralphi Rosario (remixed How Do I Love Thee) was a member of The Hot Mix Five between 1980-1994. Continuing his career with a focus on production and remixing, Ralphi eventually received a Grammy nomination for his work with production partner DJ Abel Aguilera. He continues creating, remixing and producing on a wide range of projects.

Scottish DJ Al Kent (remixed Sometimes) fell in love with all styles of music at an early age thanks to his father. With a growing (and quite impressive) vinyl collection, Al began throwing parties and DJing. He eventually worked his way into the clubs. Soon introduced to House and Disco he dove deep. Now, Al pushes on proving that Disco is alive and well decades after it was declared dead by the media.

Born and raised in Southside Chicago, DJ Lil Tal (remixed Get On Up) began DJing on his mother’s hi-fi system. After a friend introduced him to Walter “Get Down” Brown, DJ Lil Tall became Brown’s student and was on his way to honing his skills as a DJ within 12 hours. Starting as a DJ at picnics and parties by age 11, Lil Tal was auditioning for mix shows on Chicago radio stations by the time he was 14. Despite his fast rise in the radio world, Tal needed more. He met up with Paul Johnson and began recording and collaborating on projects with DJ Gant-Man. DJ Lil Tal continues producing, remixing, DJing and working with a variety of record labels on many projects.

Once a favorite in the Chicago House scene, Marcus Mixx (remixed Bang The Box) faded to black around 1995. Enduring a series of life twists and really hard losses of loved ones, Marcus found himself facing homelessness in 2014. Despite this crushing blow and the fact many in the scene thought Marcus would never return, we have the ultimate comeback story from one of the Chicago scene’s long time and beloved members. Reinventing himself as a videographer has allowed Marcus to overcome life’s hurdles while opening new doors which allow him to continue making music and forging new trails in this digitized, connected world.

Texas DJ That Dude Dom (remixed Going Deeper) was introduced to Chicago House music when a cousin from the Windy City sent him a mixtape (remember those?!). The mixtapes kept coming and That Dude Dom’s love for Chicago House blossomed and grew. Thirty-three years later Dom is still going strong now rubbing shoulders and hanging around DJs he used to look up to when aspiring to become a DJ himself.

Ohio born James Flowers (remixed Music Es Mi Vida) is an emerging talent in the DJ world who began collecting vinyl in the 80s after discovering Hip Hop and its culture. Also a musician, Flowers enjoys experimenting through the blending of all styles and genres.

Michael A Garza (remixed La Rosa) was the little boy sitting in the room when Matt Warren and Miquel Rodriguez (Garza’s father) were working on the release of Angels by M Theory at Warzone Studios for Fusion Records. This was Michael’s introduction to House music. As Michael’s interest for DJing and production began showing itself, his father realized there was untapped potential and encouraged his song to continue studying the craft. When Miguel was approached about remixing a track for this project, he naturally decided to offer his son the opportunity to shine.

With this all star roster and such a diverse cast of producers/remixers/DJs, it’s guaranteed Wake Up! Music Remixes DJ Wall of Sound Volume 1: Matt Warren’s Music If My Life is a winning album that is a must have for any music collector. Owning a project with ALL these DJs on it is a must-have for any enthusiast, collector, long time lover of House, or new discoverers of Wake Up! Music Group’s growing brand of Nu House.

Listen to the new album on Spotify.

Connect with Wake Up! Music Group on their official website.

Be sure to check out my in-depth feature about Matt Warren’s Music Is My Life.

As with every Wake Up! Music Group project, my youngest son (Tavious) typically makes an appearance to share his comments. Although I have not had any success getting words out of him about this project, I have noticed him dancing around (he didn’t know I was watching) having a great time while playing video games with online friends and his siblings.

Every time he realizes I am watching or I try to pry for some commentary about the music… He suddenly acts shy and doesn’t want to share his thoughts with me. I told him his groovy dance moves were all I needed to really know he likes the music. But he doesn’t know I’m writing about this! HAHA!

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