Get On Up–Thank God It’s Tal Remix

DJ Lil’ Tal, born and brought up on the South side of Chicago, where he began DJ-ing on his mom’s hi-fi system. Just a few years later,  when the future DJ-producer had grasped the fundamentals of music, a friend introduced him to Walter “Get Down” Brown who taught DJ  Lil’ Tal to DJ in less than twelve hours. Having learnt the basics, he set about honing his craft. 

His dedication paid off, and at the age of eleven, DJ  Lil’ Tal began DJ-ing at picnics for local bars. Three years later, the fourteen year old DJ auditioned for the mix show on W.K.K.C 89.3 FM in Chicago. He became the mix show coordinator for the hot mix show, The Friday Night Network Connection. This resulted in DJ  Lil’ Tal being invited to guest on Friday Night Audio on W.K.K.C.  and Sam Sylk’s radio show. However, soon, Tal was looking beyond radio.

Tal met Paul Johnson who became his mentor as he embarked upon a recording career. He collaborated with his DJ-ing partner DJ Gant-Man, and later, as a seventeen year old, released “Flava In Ya’ Ear” on Dance Mania Records which was a huge success. This was just the start, and DJ  Lil’ Tal  he continued to record for a number of labels during a long career.

Nowadays, DJ  Lil’ Tal is an experienced DJ, producer, remixer and is a partner in a record label, and he’s come a long way since he first started DJ-ing on his mom’s hi-fi turntable as his remix of Get On Up shows.

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