How Do I Love Thee–Ralphi Rosario Big Love Radio Remix

Ralphi Rosario was born in Chicago, where his career began in the early eighties when he started DJ-ing for friends. By then, he was a familiar voice on the radio, and was a member of The Hot Mix Five between 1980-1994, where he showcased his enviable mixing skills. Soon, though, Ralphi Rosario was expanding his musical horizons.

He embarked upon a career as a producer and remixer.  He quickly  became a household name with his classic house anthem “You Used to Hold Me,” became a crossover hit and introduced Ralphi Rosario to a wider audience. This was just the start, and Ralphi continued to produce floor-fillers and anthems that were popular across the globe, including the Latin-flavoured “Brinca” and the huge crossover hit “Take Me Up” which featured Donna Blakely and topped the charts in Europe. Meanwhile, Ralphi’s career as a remixer was going from strength to strength.

Soon, Ralphi was remixing everyone from Lady Gaga, Madonna and Mariah Carey to Depeche Mode, Donna Summer, Goldfrapp and Grammy nominee Katy Perry. In 2012 Ralphi received a Grammy nomination for his work as Rosabel with his production partner DJ Abel Aguilera. This was a huge honour, and inspired Ralphi Rosario, and over the next seven years he has continued to reach new heights as a DJ, producer and remixer as his remix of Matt Warren’s cover of How Do I Love Thee which features Pepper Gomez. She’s known Ralphi Rosario for decades, and is thrilled to have this major talent on this record. 

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