La Rosa–Michael A Garza Deep Future Mix Extended

When Fusion Records’ Miguel Rodriguez was working on the release of Angels by M Theory, which featured Matt Warren and was being recorded at his Warzone Studios, a four year old boy sat in the corner taking everything in. As Michael A. Garza watched his father and Matt worked on the track, this was the future producer’s introduction to house music. 

By 2003, Chicago-based Michael was listening to an eclectic selection of electronic music, which would influence him when he embarked upon a career as a producer in 2007. Initially, he was working in Garageband, and made several demos and remixes. Two years later, in 2009, his father heard Michael’s productions and realising his son had talent and potential, encouraged him to continue with his nascent production career.

Ten years later, in early 2019, Miguel Rodriguez was asked by MyMy Lady G of Wake Up! Music if he wanted to remix a track from Matt Warren’s Nu-House classic Music Is My Life? Miguel decided to offer his son Michael the chance to remix La Rosa, telling him: “it was his time.” The young remixer and producer rose to the challenge, not only remixing La Rosa, but editing the video as well and in the process, showcased his considerable talents. 

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