Sometimes–Al Kent Mix

Al Kent, or Ewan Kelly as he’s known to his mom, was born in Paisley, Scotland, and was introduced to music by his father, who loved everything from pop to country, and anything else that could be found in the bargain bin of the local Woolworth’s. Soon, the young Al Kent was following in father’s footsteps and collecting records.

At birthdays and Christmas, Al received records from his family, and any pocket money was spent on his vinyl habit. This was soon proving expensive, especially when Al discovered Northern Soul. By then, Al had started putting on parties and DJ-ing with his record collection. This led to Al being invited to make his debut at a club, and his DJ career began in earnest. The money Al made, he invested in more records, and his career as a soul DJ continued until he opened the wrong door.

This resulted in him hearing house music for the first time which was a life-changing experience, and he embarked upon a career as a house DJ. This raised Al’s profile and he started to DJ at bigger clubs, but before long he wanted to make his own music.

Al’s first productions were inspired by old disco records he had collected a few years earlier, and were released on his own Million Dollar Disco label. Soon, Al had changed direction musically, and began playing disco. This was the start of a new era, where Al’s name was synonymous with disco as he released compilations, two albums by his Million Dollar Disco, and countless edits and remixes. Forty years after disco’s supposed demise, DJ, producer and remixer Al Kent is proof that it’s alive and kicking. 

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