The Video Producers of Music Is My Life by Maddy Gomez

Nowadays, it is simply not enough to make good music.  People want and expect to see the video images, music videos or YouTube’s that go along with your music.  This expectation is so routine, that YouTube is a modern day venue for listening to music.  There is no doubt that a good music video can bring the music to life by adding imagery to the … Continue reading The Video Producers of Music Is My Life by Maddy Gomez

Matt Warren-Rock The Nation.

Having written Rock The Nation,  Matt Warren entered the studio with this friend Miguel Garcia who would co-produce the track. This was fitting, as it was Miguel Garcia who had suggested Matt who was now rapping record a single. The pair recorded what was going to be Matt’s debut single. Now all Matt Warren needed was a label to willing release his single Rock The Nation. Enter Alwan Records … Continue reading Matt Warren-Rock The Nation.

The Man Behind The Music-Matt Warren

Matt Warren has been a valuable part of the international Dance music community for over three decades. His many accomplishments have earned him a loyal following amongst DJ`s and club-goers looking for the next beat. Matt began His career as a DJ in 1979. By 1983 he was not only spinning records in some of Chicago’s hottest clubs, but was also serving as a Billboard … Continue reading The Man Behind The Music-Matt Warren