Ready-Changed Man (Matt’s House Mix)

In 2001, producers Matt Warren and Ralph Mote joined Richard “Ready” Wilson  a.k.a. Ready, who was recording his debut single Changed Man. It featured six mixes on the 12” and nine on the CD. This included two remixes from Chicago-based remixer Matt Warren. He was responsible for Changed Man (Matt’s House Mix) and Changed Man (Matt’s House Instrumental). These remixes featured on Ready’s debut single Changed Man, which was released by IWWG Records later in 2001. Alas, Ready’s recording career was … Continue reading Ready-Changed Man (Matt’s House Mix)

Maxmillion-Break My Stride (Late Night Mix)

In 1994, Chicago-based producers 20 Fingers began work on  a new project under the moniker Max-A-Million. Later in then summer of 1994,  Max-A-Million. made their debut later their debut single Fatboy which was released on SOS Records. This was just the  start  for Max-A-Million. Over the next three years, Max-A-Million released a string of singles including a funky take on the S.O.S. Band’s 1980 hit Take … Continue reading Maxmillion-Break My Stride (Late Night Mix)