Wake Up! Music USA-UK-Nu-House: The Start Of Something Special. Written By Derek Anderson and Maddy Gomez. Label: Wake Up! Music Group. In early 2018, I was asked by Maddy Gomez, who runs Wake Up! Music Group to write the liner notes to Music Is My Life, the comeback album from Chicago-based DJ and producer Matt Warren. Mostly, when writing liner notes, it’s case of writing … Continue reading WAKE UP! MUSIC USA-UK-NU-HOUSE: THE START OF SOMETHING SPECIAL.

Happy Birthday Wake Up! Music-2018.  

Pepper Gomez sings, “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Wake Up! —-Muuuuuuuussssiiiiiic!  Happy Birthday FIRST birthday to you! As I tightened up this article, I was hit with the amazing news that Matt Warren’s single, “Get on Up” from “Music is My Life” is NUMBER ONE on the Digital Radio Indie Chart!  So, I’m sharing the amazing news and leading … Continue reading Happy Birthday Wake Up! Music-2018.  

Africanism-Trompeta Alegres

In 2001, the members of Africanism recorded Trompeta Alegres with producer Rafael “Lego” Rodriguez. However, when it came tine to record Ron Haynes’ trumpet parts they were recorded by engineer Matt Warren.  These parts were sent to producer Rafael “Lego” Rodriguez. Later in 2001, Africanism released Trompeta Alegre as single on Yellow Productions. Trompeta Alegre  is a fusion of house and Latin from the multitalented Africanism. … Continue reading Africanism-Trompeta Alegres

Légo-Mad Flava

When Légo recorded their album Mad Flava, they needed someone to record  the horns and vocals. The person they chose was Matt Waren,  who recorded the horns and vocals on Monkey Jazz and Spread Love at M Theory Studios, in Chicago.  In May 2000, Légo released Mad Flava on the Afterhours label. It was a genre-melting  dance album that featured elements of disco and house, … Continue reading Légo-Mad Flava