Sometimes–Al Kent Mix

Al Kent, or Ewan Kelly as he’s known to his mom, was born in Paisley, Scotland, and was introduced to music by his father, who loved everything from pop to country, and anything else that could be found in the bargain bin of the local Woolworth’s. Soon, the young Al Kent was following in father’s footsteps and collecting records. At birthdays and Christmas, Al received … Continue reading Sometimes–Al Kent Mix

La Rosa–Michael A Garza Deep Future Mix Extended

When Fusion Records’ Miguel Rodriguez was working on the release of Angels by M Theory, which featured Matt Warren and was being recorded at his Warzone Studios, a four year old boy sat in the corner taking everything in. As Michael A. Garza watched his father and Matt worked on the track, this was the future producer’s introduction to house music.  By 2003, Chicago-based Michael … Continue reading La Rosa–Michael A Garza Deep Future Mix Extended

Bang the Box–Marcus Mixx Remix

In 1987, Farley “Jackmaster” Funk of the Hot Mix 5 played “I Wanna House!,” which was the debut single from DJ and producer Marcus “Mixx” Shannon, whose music became a favourite of dancers and DJs. By then, Marcus was dividing his time between DJ-ing, running a series of small, short-lived labels and producing a variety of releases, including a number of psychedelic-tinged house singles. This was … Continue reading Bang the Box–Marcus Mixx Remix

Musica Es Mi Vida–James Flowers Remix

Thirty year old James Flowers is an up-and-coming DJ-producer and musician who was  born in Columbus, Ohio, in 1988 and discovered music at an early age. His American mother and Vietnamese father loved music, and James heard all types of music from an early age. By the late-eighties, James discovered hip hop and its culture, and soon, began collecting vinyl, which he added to his … Continue reading Musica Es Mi Vida–James Flowers Remix

Going Deeper–That Dude Dom Club Mix

That Dude Dom is one of the monikers used by Texan DJ Dominic Sustaita, whose introduction to Chicago House came when his cousin who lived in the Windy City, sent him a mixtape. This was the first of many mixtapes that Dom received and used to listen to them on his boombox. Soon, he was buying the latest Chicago House releases and spent hours teaching … Continue reading Going Deeper–That Dude Dom Club Mix

Get On Up–Thank God It’s Tal Remix

DJ Lil’ Tal, born and brought up on the South side of Chicago, where he began DJ-ing on his mom’s hi-fi system. Just a few years later,  when the future DJ-producer had grasped the fundamentals of music, a friend introduced him to Walter “Get Down” Brown who taught DJ  Lil’ Tal to DJ in less than twelve hours. Having learnt the basics, he set about … Continue reading Get On Up–Thank God It’s Tal Remix

Catch Me If You Can–John Morales M+M Mix

Legend is an overused word, but it’s the perfect way to describe New York born DJ, and producer John Morales, who is an innovator and pioneer when it comes to DJ-ing, remixing and production. This has been the case since he made a breakthrough in the seventies after playing at clubs like the Limelight and Studio 54. For John Morales this was just the start … Continue reading Catch Me If You Can–John Morales M+M Mix