Masters In The Mix–The Tribal EP

By 1994, Mario “Smokin” Diaz* and Matt Warren had been around the Chicago House scene for over a decade and had enjoyed successful career. The pair jibed forces and became Masters In The Mix who recorded and released The Tribal EP. It featured eight new tracks which were written, mixed and produced by Mario “Smokin” Diaz* and Matt Warren. This included Jump, Give Yourself, Acid Tribe (Matt’s Edit), Music’s Hypnotizinm, Go!!, Hypnotizin Beatz and Acid Tribe (Aggressive Mix) When The Tribal EP was released on Warzone Records in 1994, it wasn’t the success Masters In The … Continue reading Masters In The Mix–The Tribal EP

Die Warzau–Engine

By 1994, industrial rock band Die Warzau had been around since 1987, and had already released two albums. When the time came to begin work on their third album Engine in 1994, Die Warzau needed someone to do some programming on the album. This resulted in Chicago-basded DJ, producer and remixer Matt Warren being asked to join Die Warzau in the studio. What started out as doing some programming on Engine resulted in Matt cowriting two tracks … Continue reading Die Warzau–Engine

Matt Warren-Bang The Box (Old School Mix) 1994 Remix.

As 1987 dawned, Matt Warren was a successful DJ and producer who just under two years earlier had founded Sunset Records. Matt hoped he was on the cusp of another successful year, and that Sunset Records would go from strength-to-strength. That was what Matt hoped, but it didn’t play out like that. One of the tracks Matt planned to release was Bang The Box which he had just recorded. However, there was just one problem, his … Continue reading Matt Warren-Bang The Box (Old School Mix) 1994 Remix.