Dessau–Details Sketchy

When Dessau recorded their third album Details Sketchy, Matt Warren cowrote two tracks Twin Line and History and was invited to do some additional programming. This was something that Matt Warren had been doing more of recently. In 1995, Dessau released Details Sketchy on Fifth Column Records. Although the album was well received Details Sketchy was industrial  rocker’s Dessau’s swan-song.  While it  was the end … Continue reading Dessau–Details Sketchy

Pigface–Asphole (On The Floor)/We Know Who You Are).

In 1995, industrial supergroup Pigface returned with their new album Feels Like Heaven which was the band’s latest release on Invisible. Feels Like Heaven was the much-anticipated followup to Notes From Thee Underground which was released in 1994 and marked the return  of a pioneering group. By then, Pigface had worked with a number of artists who had guested on their album. This included DJ and producer Matt Warren who showcases his turntable skills and adds samples on Asphole (On The Floor/We … Continue reading Pigface–Asphole (On The Floor)/We Know Who You Are).

D.J. D-Man-Dooky Boody (Remix)

By 1995, house music continued to evolve, as a new new breed of producers started to release new singles and albums. Suddenly, what was once described simply as house music was being separated into numerous sub-genres. There was everything from deep house, electro house and hard house, to  jazz house, Latin house, progressive house, tech house and tribal house. Many DJs decided to concentrate on one specific sub-genre, while others sstruggled to cope with the ever-changing house scene. Others … Continue reading D.J. D-Man-Dooky Boody (Remix)