Légo-Mad Flava

When Légo recorded their album Mad Flava, they needed someone to record  the horns and vocals. The person they chose was Matt Waren,  who recorded the horns and vocals on Monkey Jazz and Spread Love at M Theory Studios, in Chicago.  In May 2000, Légo released Mad Flava on the Afterhours label. It was a genre-melting  dance album that featured elements of disco and house, … Continue reading Légo-Mad Flava

Rod Hatcher-Complex Situations

As the new millennia donned, Matt Warren continued to work as an engineer. One of the projects he worked during 2000 was Rod Hatcher’s single Complex Situations. The two tracks, Trying To Pretend and What Do You Want were penned and produced by Rod Hatcher, and recorded at M-Theory Studios. That was where Matt Warren took charge of engineering the Complex Situations sessions. Later in 2000, Rod Hatcher’s deep house single  Complex Situations was released on the London-based Nepenta label. It was the last single … Continue reading Rod Hatcher-Complex Situations