Nexus 6-Take Me Higher (Club Mix)

By 1988, house music continued to evolve, and new producers were recording and releasing singles. This included  Nexus 6, which was a new project that featured Jaime Bonet and Marco Christy. They had written Take Me Higher, which they planned to record at Off World Studios. Joining the two members of Nexus 6 who planned to produce Take Me Higher were  engineer Dane Roewade and Matt Warren, who owned and ran AKA Dance Music. He assumed the role of executive … Continue reading Nexus 6-Take Me Higher (Club Mix)

Matt Warren-Take It To The Wall (Kevin’s Mix).

Having founded AKA Dance Music in 1987, Matt Warren decided that the fourth release on his new label would bare his name. He was by then, a successful DJ, producer and remixer with several successful singles to his name. Matt was hoping that his next release would enjoy the same success as Bang The Box which was the first release on AKA Dance Music. For the fourth release Matt decided to to record a cover of Nick H’s Take It … Continue reading Matt Warren-Take It To The Wall (Kevin’s Mix).