Matt Warren: Music Is My Life Published On: Thu, Jan 31st, 2019  By Ralph Greco  Matt Warren Music is my Life (WakeUp! Music) A danceable drumbeat and repeated talking vocal runs over Richard Meyer Junior’s pumping piano and some tight horns from Ron Haynes on “How Do I Love Thee” the opener of Matt Warren’s new release, Music is my Life. This is the Chicago house music pioneer and Platinum Award-Winning producer/engineer’s first … Continue reading Matt Warren: Music Is My Life


T. E. TAYLOR Posted in Kurrent Music on October 24, 2018 House Music was an organic dance movement that has its origins in the Midwest, especially, out of Chicago. The movement sparked a sound revolution that still gets people dancing to this very day. Frankie Knuckles is the general source and the acknowledged “Father” of House Music. If that statement is fact, then another fact is Matt Warren … Continue reading MATT WARREN IS IN THE HOUSE WITH “MUSIC IS MY LIFE” MATT WARREN

Matt Warren Chicago-based has been a DJ for forty years, and has been a producer since 1984, when he released his debut single “Rock The Nation”. This inspired Matt to cofound Sunset Records in 1985, which released several house classics. However, in 1987, Matt resigned from Sunset Records and founded AKA Dance Music. The first single that AKA Dance Music released was “Bang The Box”, … Continue reading MATT WARREN

NOW HEAR THIS: Music Is My Life – Matt Warren

September 15, 2018 Johnny Taylor, Jr. Rating: ***1/2 Matt Warren is a renowned engineer, mixer, and DJ famous for his work with Bjork, Faith Evans, and KMFDM. He’s here with an album that he calls the first Nu House album, appropriately titled “Music is My Life”. It releases on October 15th, and is Warren’s first album of his own music in over 10 years. That’s … Continue reading NOW HEAR THIS: Music Is My Life – Matt Warren

Matt Warren’s “Music Is My Life” Gail Brock Chicago House Music has a long and storied history going back to the 1980’s. I have always felt that Chicago House music does not get the due it deserves for its influence on current Pop music today. Its electronic fingerprint are all over modern music releases. You can hear its beats and clicks and clacks all over the Top 100 Dance and … Continue reading Matt Warren’s “Music Is My Life”

Sharkeyes and Baby Tac-The E.T. Boys by Maddy Gomez

Here’s what the critics have said about, “Sometimes” Sharkeye’s first published composition on Matt Warren’s disc, “Music Is My Life.” “Sometimes manages to change it up with an interesting rhythm with rock and hip-hop connotations that make it one of the most interesting and intelligent pieces on the record.”  (Vinyl Chapters, Jaime Parameter) Bunkerheadz, music expert from the Netherlands reports that “Sometimes” is one of his … Continue reading Sharkeyes and Baby Tac-The E.T. Boys by Maddy Gomez