Master Plan-Electric Baile (Large Dub)

For the past thirty years, many rock and pop journalists have looked down on those working within dance music. The basic premise of their argument is, that it doesn’t taken much in the way of talent to program drums or use samplers effectively. Especially with a highly trained engineer holding the house music producer’s hand, and reminding them of the importance of basic things like headroom. Despite their … Continue reading Master Plan-Electric Baile (Large Dub)

Sunset Records-The Matt Warren Years In Pictures.

Matt Warren founded Sunset Records in 1985 with his friends Miguel Garcia and brother Alex and Robert Rojo who ran the Sunset Mobile Disco. The Rojo brothers were the go-to-guys for anyone wanting a lavish and extravagant party in Chicago. Sunset Records was a new venture for the brothers and one that started with a successful release…Pump It Up. It was the first of six singles released by Sunset … Continue reading Sunset Records-The Matt Warren Years In Pictures.