Master Plan-Electric Baile (Large Dub)

For the past thirty years, many rock and pop journalists have looked down on those working within dance music. The basic premise of their argument is, that it doesn’t taken much in the way of talent to program drums or use samplers effectively. Especially with a highly trained engineer holding the house music producer’s hand, and reminding them of the importance of basic things like headroom. Despite their … Continue reading Master Plan-Electric Baile (Large Dub)

Matt Warren-Bang The Box (Old School Mix) 1994 Remix.

As 1987 dawned, Matt Warren was a successful DJ and producer who just under two years earlier had founded Sunset Records. Matt hoped he was on the cusp of another successful year, and that Sunset Records would go from strength-to-strength. That was what Matt hoped, but it didn’t play out like that. One of the tracks Matt planned to release was Bang The Box which he had just recorded. However, there was just one problem, his … Continue reading Matt Warren-Bang The Box (Old School Mix) 1994 Remix.

Kajsa-Try, Try Again (House Mix).

In 1986, Kajsa released what was to be her one and only single, Try, Try Again, which was released on Sunset Records. It was written by Kajsa and Scott Free and was recorded at Chicago Trax Recording Studio. As the sessions began at Chicago Trax Recording Studio, Kajsa was joined Steve Spapperi was about to engineer the studio and Tom O’Callaghan who was responsible for sequencing on Try, Try Again. They watched on … Continue reading Kajsa-Try, Try Again (House Mix).